A Dream Come True:

Submitted by Jeffrey Robins & Diana Colwell

After staying in a log home in Tennessee, we set out to see if we could possibly build one ourselves. We really thought it would be something only retirement could bring. Only 33 and 37 years old, we figured we'd have several years to only dream of owning our own log home. We started looking into several companies. One company assured us, that indeed it was affordable. However, after selling our home and going for it....we were devastated to find out that it was way out of our budget. They hooked us in, and let us down. One day, we were talking to our septic installer on a previous job. He told us about a builder that worked for Parisio Log Homes. Again, we were excited but not getting our hopes up. Believe it or not, he worked with us; allowed us to do some of the work and got it within our budget. Now we own one of the most beautiful log homes in the city. We were so lucky to have found them. Our dream has come true... thanks to Rick Hugh and Parisio Log Homes.

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